New Beforever Book Before Release?

Hi guys! Today I went to the American Girl website to create a wish list and just take a look at some things. On the front page I saw a book for the new BeForever character Melody. Melody isn’t released yet, but will be released this summer.

I was really surprised when I saw this. American girl usually doesn’t post any items for the doll before the actual doll is released!


With the description of the book it looks like she lives in Detroit Michigan during the 1960s. She is also a singer! I am super excited for this new Beforever doll to come out! I am also super pleased with American Girl that they added another African American doll!

Have a great day!


Would you like to add Melody to you collection once she comes out? 



Elsa and Anna Outside in the Snow

Hi guys! Wow its been forever since I last posted O.O  Sorry about that guys. Today I am super excited because it finally snowed here! I couldn’t wait to grab my dolls and take some pictures! So here is some pictures of Anna and Elsa outside in the snow!





They are off back to Arendelle. It was a great visit, I will miss those two.

I hope you all enjoyed!

See you soon,



Lea Clark Giveaway on Doll Diaries!

Exciting, exciting news! DOLL DIARIES IS GIVING AWAY LEA CLARK!!! XD I am super excited 😀

Lea Clark is currently my most favorite GOTY EVER!! She is super pretty and I LOVE her story 😀

(Photo found from Doll


Click HERE if you would like to enter Doll Diaries contest and have a chance to win Lea Clark 😀


Happy New Year, What I got for Christmas and Drawings!

Hi guys!! Merry late Christmas! Sorry I couldn’t post earlier, the internet went out because of rain. We have been getting so much lately LOL 😛 I thought now would be a great time to show y’all what I got for Christmas 😀  Lets take a look!







First I got this Manga Pro Drawing set! I am SOOO in love with it right know 😀 I love drawing manga is this is helping A LOT!!!

The  Outside 😀
 And here is the inside!

I have been putting it into good use to!

I just drew this, this morning
Testing out the kit on Christmas day
My sister, listining to Maps by Maroon 5

Now here is the thing I am super excited about 😀











Here is some photo’s of her in the box….


(:P My dog and my sister photo bombed it)IMG_2330


And some pictures of her accessories…

Love has been flying around the air ever since C.A. came into my doll collection. We were even able to snap a few pictures of Tris and Aiden 😀


Aww, Tris leans in to give Aiden a little peck on the cheek (couldn’t they wait until midnight???)


Aww, Aiden is carrying her bridal style 😀


Well, everyone here at Lovin’ Dolls wish you a very merry (late) Christmas, and a happy new year!

And I mean EVERYONE……


Bye Guys!




Merry Christmas Everyone!

Tomorrow is Christmas!!! Merry Christmas eve everyone! I hope you all have a very wonderful, very blessed Christmas 🙂 I hope you all spend time with your family and enjoy your time together 🙂

Gracie and Maryellen also wish you a very merry Christmas!


Yes, it is sunny and snowless here in the mid-west 0.0 We are like 20 degrees above normal weather! That’s so weird! I am happy about it, yet very sad about it because I was hoping to play in the snow 😦  Oh well 😛

Bye everyone! I hope you all have a very splendid Christmas!


Whats on your wish list?

Christmas is just around the corner, and I am super excited! My sister sent me and my family some presents and they have been sitting in there little brown Amazon boxes on the table. I have been DYING to look and see what’s in side, but its for Christmas *sigh* I am never good with surprises 0.0

I had a pretty small wish list this year compared to the past few years. Well, its small for me, I don’t know about you 😛

Well lets take a look, shall we? (It is in a format so its easy on my parents to read, so there is going to be prices next to them and little notes lol 🙂 )

  1. Littlest Pet Shop Pet and Friend set $3.99 (There are multiple, I don’t mind which one)
  2. My little pony (ANYTHING MY LITTLE PONY!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!)
  3. Ever After High Cupid Doll $15.79
  4. Ever After High Madeline Hatter Doll
  5. PENCILS!!!! (I love, love, love, love, LOVE pencils!! It’s kind of weird)
  6. Faber-Castell Creative Studio Getting Started Manga Complete Drawing Kit $27.99
  7. DohVinci Deluxe Styler $7.99
  8. Gift Cards ( I like any stores!)
  9. Disney Classic Collection Mulan
  10. Disney Classes Collection Ariel
  11. Disney toddler doll Mulan
  12. Disney Toddler Merida (SO ADORABLE!!)
  13. Doll stuff (I don’t really know what……)
  14. Barbie Dolls (Choose one, anyone :D)
  15. Barbie Clothes
  16. AMERICAN GIRL DOLL!!!! (Which one will suit me???? 😉 ;D )

Well that’s really my list, I doubt I will get all of them 🙂 I think I am really only getting two presents from my sister because my mom says:  It cost to much for Christmas, so lets just eat some Gingerbread and spend some time together 🙂 Ok, lets go spend some time together Mom 😀

Well, I have to go eat some gingerbread and spend some time with my mom 🙂


~What’s on your wish list this Christmas?~